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tv   The Early Show  CBS  September 25, 2010 8:00am-10:00am EDT

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midwestern towns struggle under several feet of water. reeling from torrential rain. now, new threats of major rivers surging. still alt large. police say three bank robbers made off with an undisclosed sum after strapping what they said was a bomb it a teller. where are they now and does his story hold up. capitol comedy getting an earful from steven colbert. o'donnell's campaign rocked and
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lindsay released. >> at 11:41 tonight, lindsay lohan was released from the l.a. county jail. >> she makes bail overnight and set free hours after having been ordered back behind bars but her troubles are far from over. all that and more early this saturday morning, september all that and more early this saturday morning, september 25th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs hi, everyone. welcome to "the early show" on a saturday morning. the one story everybody seems to talk about every weekend she does something on a friday that makes news on a saturday, lindsay lohan, in jail, out of jail, in rehab, outs of rehab, on probation, not on probation. now, guess what, yesterday a judge ordered her to go directly to jail until another hearing in october but then late last night pacific time another judge steps
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in and lets her make $300,000 bail and lets her go and you saw the pictures, she left jail last night. >> a new mug shot. >> a very interesting story later in the program about the facebook founder mark zuckerberg just gave 100 million dollars in the public schools in new jersey. we have the person who wrote the story on him who is basically opening up the doorss to all his secrets. >> the accidental billionaire, newark, new jersey, very happy to hear they'll get -- >> $100 million. >> we have breaking news out of sweden a pakistani jetliner with 373 people on board made an emergency landing. a passenger is accused of preparing to sabotage the flight. our correspondent mark phillips is in our london bureau with the very latest this morning. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. a bomb scare so far involves no bomb but plenty of drama, a tack staen international airways
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flight due to fly from toronto karachi, diverted to stockholm sweden. you can see the picture of the passengers being evacuated here. that circle shows a couple of policemen apparently pulling one man out of the line of passengers and taking him back toward the plane. that man is the suspect. he was suspected of planning to sabotage the plane after a phone tip was called in after the flight left toronto. no explosives were found on the man. the police have been searching the plane and have found nothing on the plane so far. the man and plane did clear security before leaving. the man is being held under suspicion but, so far, has not been charged. chris. >> all right. mark phillips for us in london, thank you for that update. we appreciate it. now to the floods in the upper midwest. residents in parts of minnesota and wisconsin trying to dry out this morning but the flooding may not be over yet. heather brown of our minneapolis station wcco is live from
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owatonna, minnesota with the latest. good morning. >> good morning. the rivers have started to go down here but the water is still here. scenes like this gas station are common across southern minnesota, the water stuck in these areas. at this point, we don't know how much all of this will cost but the governor has said he will ask for a special legislative session to figure out how to pay for it, all of this because of record rainfall in just a single day. streets turned into rivers, back yards into lakes. across the upper midwest schools flooded and bridges washed away as heavy rain led to rivers overflowing their banks. as much as 10 inches fell in 24 hours in areas of wisconsin and minnesota. the rain let up friday and some rivers are receding but many forced out of their homes can't return. power stations were flooded and roads closed. the water rose so swiftly, many people had little time to protect their homes. now, they are salvaging what
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they can. >> a mess. everything down there is shot. >> reporter: towns like arcadia are reopening for business but many parts of the city are still off limits as officials watch the river rise. >> there's a lot of water coming down. >> reporter: more rain is expected this weekend. state officials are keeping the sandbags in place as they cast a wary eye on the raging rivers not yet shire they are out of the woods. certainly not out of the woods yet closer to minneapolis and st. paul. the storm system that caused all this is expected to cause flooding in the suburbs as early as next week which could boengsly affect many more people. chris? >> heather, thank you. for more of an update on that weather in the midwest right now let's join lonnie quinn at the weather wall for arch update on conditions they can expect. >> the wet weather is now making its push through the dakotas.
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it will continue to push to the east but not g going to be the kind of rain like they had yesterday. we are talking about places like iran's volatile president mahmoud ahmadinejad again put his talent for stirring things up on full display in new york and president obama was drawn into the controversy. our senior white house correspondent, bill plante, has this story. good morning, bill. >> reporter: good morning. that's right. ahmadinejad doubled down on the suggestion the u.s. might have been behind the 9/11 attacks and drew an outraged response from president obama. but ahmadinejad also met with sarah shourd, the american woman who was just released from an
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iranian prison after being held there more than a year. shourd and her mother asked ahmadinejad for the release of jane bauer and josh fattal, still held in iran. shourd called it a very positive experience. >> i'm hopeful that the president will -- will try to advocate on my fiance and my friend josh's behalf and i really feel very happy with the gesture and graciousness shown today. >> president obama in a bbc interview aimed at iran expressed outrage at ahmadinejad's claim earlier in the week at the u.n. most people in the world believe the united states was behind the september 11th attacks. the u.s. and allies walked out. >> it was offensive. it was hateful. for him to make a statement like that was inexcusable. >> reporter: at a news conference later, ahmadinejad did not back away. >> translator: don't you feel
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that we -- the time's come to have a fact-finding committee? >> reporter: but ahmadinejad also claimed iran would consider ending uranium enrichment if sent fuel for medical reactor and ptd he is ready for respectful talks. now, ahmadinejad's suggestion that he may be ready to talk about the issue came as a surprise to u.s. officials, mainly skeptical taking a wait-and-see attitude. >> bill plante, thank you. a real eye-opener for lawmakers on capitol hill when xhom dee central's steven colbert testified a day picking beans along undocumented farm workers. listen to this. >>. of course, he's not the only comedienne taking a stand on serious political issues these days. let's talk about it with our con summitant. good morning, mark. >> good morning.
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>> when i say he is not the only one getting in on the act. of course we've haurd from bill mahr two weeks in a row releasing videotapes of vis teen o'donnell, the republican senate candidate in delaware. what do you think is proved by all this and is bill mauer kind of doing a shock therapy on america? >> well, i think principally, bill mahr feels a bit aggrieved christine o'donnell is not recognizing the fact when she appeared on his "politically incorrect" show back in the '90s, essentially, he says he made her into what she is now, whatever that might be and wants as bit of recognition and i think he wants her to appear on his shore, which would be for ratings but i also think there is a serious purpose to this. >> mark, i want to just make sure that we get to see the bite from last night so we're going to play it. take a listen then we'll talk about the seriousness of it. >> sure. >> evolution is a myth and even darwin himself. >> evolution is a myth? >> have you ever lked at a
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monkey? >> well then, why aren't machine keys still evolving into humans? >> it takes a long time. >> so, mark, on a serious note, what's he accomplishing with this? >> well, i think he's trying to ridicule christine o'donnell and, you know, make her look bad. the clip he released last week of her talking about her flirtation with witchcraft became a national story. and i think that testifies to the power of sattirisst, i would separate them from comediennes meaning they want to be funny at first but a serious purpose in mind versus comediennes. i think their power who have an audience unlike someone like bill mahr who can impact elections and the debate. >> would it have an impact on the would-be o'donnell voters, people who would have showed up to vote for her in the first place. >> i doubt it will have an impact on people convinced they
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would vote for her. if you look at her level of support in a place like delaware and the audience, the people who support her, are not the type of people will look at something bill mahr, a well-known liberal, an atheist says about a conservative christian like christine o'donnell but what it will do is, perhaps, inflame the passions, at least pique the interests of those who don't know who they're going to vote for and that might influence the election. >> can the likes of a steven colbert, jn stewart and bill hahr, can they really impact the end game, what we see as the end result, will they get people to get out and vote for particular can dants? >> steven colbert and jon stewart are hosting a rally on the 30th of october in the end game of the election. if they're able to get 90 to 100,000 people out, their demographics, young voters, digs illusioned voters, the millennial generation, obama
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voters turnoff by this election if they can get them out and interested in the election, it could prove to be a bit of a positive for the democratic party. certainly, these sattirsts are doing what democratic politicians haven't been able to do, generating interest in the campaign. >> mark, we appreciate you being with us today. >> my pleasure. >> for another look at the morning's other top stories, randall pink ston at the news desk. good morning. >> good morning. the fbi is hunting three men who staged a dramatic bank robbery in coral gables, florida. the heist began friday when the thieves vapd what they said was a bomb to a bank teller. george es they vest is in coral gables, florida. i'll get it right, george. how are you today? >> doing well. a little rainy here yesterday and also the same situation overnight. the fbi released the bank teller cleared of any suspicion.
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hard to believe for hours yesterday though at this same bank here, as you said, he was at the center of a standoff. it had the appearance of a dangerous standoff, s.w.a.t. teams surrounding a bank, inside reports of a teller with a bomb strapped to his chest, a lone hostage in a bizarre robbery ending four hours after he was led out of the bank in handcuffs and no sign of the robbers. >> we were able to secure the bank, secure the safety of the individual and be able to deactivate the device. >> reporter: are the teller 25-year-old diego uscamayta claims it began friday after midnight when armed men broke into the apartment he shares with his parents. >> they said we have a remote, you know, triggering device. we want you to get as much money as you possibly can and bring it
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out to us. >> reporter: police say the robbers got away with an undisclosed amount of cash in his car but questions remained. how was he able to free himself from the bomb and when did the alleged third robber get away? and there's one more question the fbi at this point will not say how the three robbers on the loose right now knew the bank teller or knew he worked at this branch. randall. >> of course, thanks a lot. in cast zik stan this morning a picture perfect return from space, a russian space capsule with an american astronaut and two cosmonauts came down under a huge parachute. the capsule kicking up a cloud of dust as it landed. the three crew members spent more than six months on the international space station. technical problems delayed their homecoming by one day. for the second time in a month a judge ruled the don't ask, don't tell policy on gays in the u.s. military is unconstitutional. a federal judge in tacoma
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washington, ordered margaret whit to be reinstated. she was a highly decorated flight nurse discharged because of a lesbian relationship. finally in los angeles, a gem of a court battle over one of the world's largest emeralds. at least six people claim ownership of it. the boulder-size jewel weighs 840 pounds and valued upwards of $400 million. the first of the claimants said he paid $60,000 for it in 2001 after it was mined in brazil but his proof was lost in a fire. about 15 minutes after the hour. time for lonnie quinn with our first check o o
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>> make it a great day wherever you are and where we are in new york city, i said, you know, summer-like day, fall-like day tomorrow. today the 80s, tomorrow the 60s, maybe 70s.
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you get one more beach day. >> great. enjoy. thank you. coming up on the show, lindsay lohan like we mentioned yesterday back in court was ordered to go to jail. guess what? late last night east coast time she was released and now out on $300 bail. plus an inside look at bob woodward's new book, notorious for getting the inside scoop on d.c. politics. we'll have a look to it when we come back. this is "the early show" on cbs. of [ female announcer ] remember this promise?
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[car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back. ♪ ves gays tiff reporter bob woodward's new book is behind the scenes sxloe say detailing the obama administration's handling of the war in afghanistan. the book is making headlines with explosive revelations. joining us is cbs news consultant and presidential historian douglas brinkley.
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good to have you with us this morning. >> good morning. >> so, what gets woodward this kind of access. >> well, his track record. he's the famous journalist part of the team with carl bernstein who broke the watergate story and actually led to richard nixon being brought down. he's a deep washington insider. he lives there. he has a rolodex, where he doesn't just know senators and congressmen and people at the pentagon but has their cell numbers, a good gum-shoe reporter, a hard worker and historic figure. i would put him as one of the two or three most influential journalists of the 20th century and turns out whenever he has one of these books come out it makes immediate news >> of course, big focus in this one is the war in afghanistan. president obama is quoted in the book as saying i can't let this be a war without end and i can't lose the whole democratic party. that's a quote from obama's war in woodward's book you see there on your screen.
8:21 am
douglas, tell me, what's new about this, what new revelations can we take away from the statement? >> well, there's a lot. i mean, the port trat that's being painted by bob woodward is of a president who wants out of afghanistan. he started to get us out of iraq and would like to get us out of of afghanistan sees these as losing propositions in many ways right now. but these were bushes wars and it takes some time. the book is about the infighting if you like the voe biden worried about afghanistan and thinks we might have to extricate ourselves and troops from them -- >> of course, were, were he has from general david petraeus, as well. he says i don't think you win this war. i think you keep fighting. >> and the problem with those kind of quotes when you just extract them from this book, how do you want to be the young person who goes over to fight in
8:22 am
afghanistan because you are getting ready to extract yourself from there? we are losing a lot of soldiers. i think this book has a corrosive effect. some say it might be helpful but can't be great for the morale of the troops seeing they are fighting in afghanistan at that time when most of the leaders in the white house and pentagon don't think what they are doing is winnable in any way. >> also the president is quoted saying we can absorb a terrorist attack. the administration is happy with the representation of obama in this book. >> that particular line has not bothered me at all that part of it. i think the president is simply talking about a terrorist attack is always a possibility and we overcalm 9/11 and our country is so great we'll overcome anything. president obama comes off very well in the book when he is being interviewed it is some of the snide comments of other
8:23 am
people in the admin aimed at rahm emanuel and jim ax xel lod -- called a loner with five million friends. we'll take a look at look at million friends. we'll take a look at look at mark zuckerberg from the new or are you? introducing three of the most important things every home should have in an emergency -- a portable radio, a flashlight with batteries, and water. one gallon per person per day, for at least three days. the more prepared you are today, the less you'll have to worry about when an emergency occurs. radio, flashlight, water. a message from the baltimore metropolitan council and your local emergency responders.
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follow the leaf to nothing wrong with that, friday the facebook founder appeared on the oprah winfrey
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show announcing a hundred million dollar donation to the newark new jersey public schools association a few hours before last night's premiere of "the social network." this morning we turn to the man who literally wrote the book on him, author of "the accidental millionaires" which the movie is based on. good morning. >> good morning. >> essentially -- you kind of portray him as kind of an loner. >> he's an interesting guy, very unique. i spent a year writing about how facebook got founded. this genius, very socially awkward didn't have a lot of friends and really wanted to be part of something bigger and get into the finals clubs, these secret societies and created his own which was facebook. >> you wrote this book about him, a movie about him and received very well and say it doesn't necessarily portray him
8:26 am
in a negative light but he will not sit down and talk you with and officially authorize it with him. does that bother you at all. >> i spent a year trying to talk to him and -- almost like waiting for goodeau. i wish he had. a lot of people field betrayed by hip and in the end he decided not to. i would have loved if he had talked to me but i think it was a very fair portrayal. overall, the book and movie actually come out in a very positive way. >> what do you think about the donation to the new york public school system $100 million right on the tip of the premiere right there, what about the timing? >> it's wonderful for him to give that kind of money to the schools. any time a school system gets $100 million it's a wonderful thing g. for mark, he's a kid who has never really cared about money. it's never been a big part about why he did anything. to give away what really is a significant amount is really
8:27 am
great. >> do me a favor, stay right there. you're watching "the early show" here on cbs. good morning, it's saturday september 25th. i'm gigi barnett. here's what people are talking about. family and friends held a benefit concert for emily kerstetter last night. she is the howard county teen who is recovering from injuries suffering during a deadly bombing in uganda. the teenager was on a mission trip helping children in africa last july when she was injured in a bombing that killed nearly 100 people. she is still recovering. new charges this morning for the so called preppy burglar. he earned the name after being caught on video breaking into a howard county house wearing dress clothes and a tie. right after 30-year-old jeremy hall was released on bail for a howard county burglary he was arrested by montgomery county police for a second break in. he is out on bail.
8:28 am
it will be a car lovers paradise in baltimore city when viva italia is in back in baltimore. it features ferraris and other cars. it benefits the children's guild. it is free to the public. it kicks off tomorrow 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. it's fall but still feels a lot like summer. today's exclusive first warning forecast: 86 degrees, warm and breezy, partly cloudy. and then tonight 57 degrees, partly cloudy as well. that is our report. i'm gigi barnett. thank you for joining us. thank you for joining us. have a ,,,,
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bob ehrlich pretends to be for the working guy... but he's not on our side. i thought i knew bob ehrlich, but then i found out... he raised property taxes on every maryland family... and business. he increased college tuition... by 40%. 40%. and i thought i knew bob ehrlich. he was against raising the minimum wage. made $2.5 million... working for a lobbying firm. $2.5 million? he's not really on my side. with this tough economy, we really need a governor on our side.
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welcome back to "the early show" on a saturday morning. i'm chris wragge. >> i'm rebecca jarvis. still ahead asking a question every parent wrestles with. our expert has six tips to help you make the right decision. >> some questions think are easy and others you may not think of. we'll talk about that in minutes. the epidemic of prescription drug use among teens, the drop-off happening from coast to coast today going on literally right about now -- >> we'll tell where you you can
8:31 am
do. >> -- spots across ts nation to go and to our website for more information will help safb lives so we highly recommend it. first lin say lohan sent back to jail but guess what didn't stay there long. yesterday a judge ordered her to remain behind bars until another hearing nearly a month from now but hours later another judge agreed to release her on bail. all this after lohan failed another drug test last week. >> reporter: a last-minute plot twist in her personal drama. a late night appeal sprung the actress from behind bars just a short time after a judge sent her there on a probation violation. lohan entered the beverly hills courthouse dressed in the essential hollywood starlet style, short skirt and high heels, dark sunglasses. lindsay lohan did not speak or cry during a brief court appearance then led away in handcuffs to begin processing for her new look, one she's worn before, jailhouse orange.
8:32 am
he had was sent to jail failing a mandatory drug test required after she violated probation on her 2007 dui and drug arrest. her mom was in court, as was her father, who doesn't think his daughter is to blachl. >> she hasn't gotten help for her addiction yet. she doesn't make the right decisions. she doesn't know better. >> reporter: by early evening her lawyer filed an appeal in another court and lohan was set free after she posted a $300,000 bail. the bail comes with conditions. she cannot drink, cannot go to bars and have to wear an alcohol man i toring bracelet. lohan's continued court appearances could likely stall a planned comeback. her role in a movie of the life of linda lovelace may be put on hold. sandra hughes, cbs news, beverly hills. >> any way she can begin to get her life back under control with all that's gone on the last few months.
8:33 am
jim, good morning. good to talk with you this morning. >> good morning, chris. how are you. >> how unusual was it for what we saw yesterday, the judge remanher to jail immediately and hours later she's out on $300,000 bail? >> i could never have imagined what the last 24 hours would bring. those of us in court believed, as did the second judge, that lindsay lohan was entitled to bail, since the violation was for a misdemeanor. but this judge was trying to sandy message because he knew she would get out right away because of jail overcrowding in california and basically didn't sent her, he held her until a hearing but then surprisingly a second judge says, no, you're entitled to bail. look, i think that michael lohan was right, his daughter needs help. she has failed one drug test. there are now new conditions. but, she failed this drug test after being out for only three weeks and she was in rehab and jail before. a lot of people are very concerned because it appears she has quite a problem.
8:34 am
>> what would you recommend, what do you think the next step is? jail is not working, rehab is not working. i know michael wants her to go right for rehab rather than jail saying that doesn't work for anyone, not that he's the expert in all. this but what do you think they will do? >> honestly i think lindsay lohan should go to rehab but not out in 14 days. where you are there for 30, 60, whatever is deemed appropriate. i think she needs to address this problem head on. the dirty drug test was for cocaine, which was in the even a drug she was suspected of taking. so, she's clearly hanging out with the wrong people. you know, a friend of mine's 16-year-old daughter asked her mom this morning do you think lindsay lohan will reach the age of 30. what a sad question for this young girl to look at this starlet and wonder, i think a lot of us are wondering. >> you were in the courtroom yesterday. what was the reaction? describe the look on her face or her attorney's face when the judge said, you know what, you're going to jail right now.
8:35 am
>> lindsay lohan came in looking very calm, smiling. i was sitting about 10 feet away from her. she was talking to her mom behind sher smiling, gave her mom a thumbs-up before the judge walked in. even her attorney didn't see this coming. originally the hearing was set for october 22nd. her attorney said how about moving it to the 29th. the judge said i think injure client wants a shorter hearing and that was our first indication. everyone was blind-sided about this decision. >> -- is there any chance that all parties can come together for the benefit of this girl so she at least has a fighting chance? i don't think anybody out there thinks she will make it under these given circumstances? >> well, the reality is i think judge fox yesterday was trying to do what her family can't, that is put her on a road to recovery and use some tough love. and, apparently, her mother is not able to get her daughter to
8:36 am
do the right thing. her father is not really close enough with her to do that. somebody is going to have to step in. it's a shame it would have to be the legal system, but clearly this girl is not choosing the right people to hang around with and needs help. >> we'll see in october whether it's back to jail or forced rehab for a couple of months. thanks so much. good talking with you this morning. >> my pleasure. now, to lonnie with another check of the weather for us. hi, listenny. >> good morning to you chris, and everybody. would somebody please yodel around here? the german-american parade, quickly who is the grand marshal in new york? >> there are two dr. ruth and dr. muelle, who is actually the ceo of hoeferhauser beer. >> there you go. the tropics are active, matthew is soaking central america. lisa is a hurricane, cat 1 but no threat to land. honduras and nicaragua the
8:37 am
biggest threat all that rain. winds around 507 miles per hour. if you take a look quickly here at lisa, yeah, it is a category 1 hurricane but the good news about lisa, not forecast to be going anywhere close to any land mass. that's a quick look at the tropics. here is a closer look at -- all right. that does it for weather. rebecca, back inside to you. >> thanks, lonnie. just ahead time to clean out the medicine cabinet for the good of your kids. we'll tell you about a government program to help beat prescription drug abuse by teenagers. this is "the early show" on cbs. my father brought me up to give back to society...
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for colors never before seen on tv. notice the lifelike color on this yellow seahorse, oh sorry, yellow-ish seahorse on your tv with three color technology. observe this stunning blue sea, in your mind that is. well, you get the picture. actually, you don't. [ male announcer ] quattron from sharp. you have to see it, to see it. [ male announcer ] quattron from sharp. yesterday on the show we talked about an epidemic of
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prescription drug abuse among teens and the d.e.a.'s first ever nationwide takeback from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. at 4,000 locations around the cannot tree anyone can turn in old, unused or excess prescription drugs in their home, no questions asked. our website has received a number of questions about the initiative, including just where the locations are. joining us to answer your many questions dea special agent in charge john gilbride and our other own dr. jennifer ashton. good to see both of you. >> good morning. >> what is it about this and why is the dea doing it now. >> well, when you look at the numbers, it's staggering in terms of the number of people that are abusing prescription drugs. seven million people abuse prescription drugs a 13% increase in just one year. when you look at the number of teenagers that are abusing prescription drugs, it's frightening. 2500 teens, on average, every
8:42 am
day use prescription drugs to get high for the very first time. so, operation takeback is a chance to get those drugs out of the medicine cabinet where they're just sitting there waiting to be abused. >> jen, as a doctor, how rampant is the abuse that you see in your own office and what is the seriousness of it? because i think a lot of people miss that point this all of this. >> well, i think we don't really know how rampant it is. those numbers we just saw are just really estimates and the fear in medicine, clinical medicine, this key even be worse. i think a lot of people fall in the habit of use, abuse and dependence on prescription medications lulled into a false sense of security if a doctor prescribed them they must be safer than recreational street drugs. we know that is not true. >> given the size of this problem, the fact it may even be bigger, is there something doctors should be doing, in your opinion, differently? >> well, i think there two things, rebecca. the first thing doctors should use treating a patient with chronic pain, a lot are
8:43 am
prescription narcotics for pain syndromes we're taught in medical school, the right dose is the dose that works. so many doctors are afraid of undertreating because they don't want to make the patient into an ad dick. what it does a lot of times drives that patient to other doctors to get more and more of the same class of medications and then they can fall into a habit of dependence and abuse. the other thing doctors can do, rebecca, a new urine test available for doctors that can dleniate what specific types of drugs a patient is taking, it comes out in their urine. before we would take patients taking opioid narcotics. now, a doctor who suspects a patient may have drug abuse problem can actually see how many drugs that patient is taking and know if that patient is in trouble so we can -- >> information. >> absolutely. >> what other partners is the dea working with to get this message out and put an end to
8:44 am
it? >> we are working with everyone. we have, as you mentioned earlier 4,000 sites throughout the country today. and we're doing that in conjunction with our treatment and prevention partners, police, community groups from the rose bowl to grand central station, we're out there across the united states to collect these drugs and it really, truly, is a nationwide, collaborative effort today. >> a huge effort. i want to let people know, john, where they can find this information. please tell us. >> anyone that needs to find a site go to, a link "got drugs" click on, that put in the zip code and the nearest site will show up. >> thank you. >> 4,000 spots. >> we really appreciate. thanks so much. >> so important. >> have a great weekend and good luck with the initiative. >> thank you very much. >> for more on prescription drugs for your kids go to our partner in health and search children and medications. chris. >> coming up every parent's
8:45 am
dilemma finding a babysitter you know will keep your child safe. we have six tips to help you make the r right choice. you are watching "the early show" here on cbs.
8:46 am
8:47 am
8:48 am
welcome back. last weekend an evening out for an atlanta mother ashlea collier turned tragic when she left her 2-year-old daughter with a babysitter 11 years old. when she came home the baby was unconscious and later died at the hospital. the sitter told police ashlea's little girl fell off the beth but the corner ruled otherwise, death by blunt force trauma. this week she was charged with felony murder and cruelty to children. how, as a parent can you protect your child from this horrific story.
8:49 am
joining us to talk about it is robi ludwig, ph.d.. getting back to this story just a moment. astra gic as it, is nuts and bolts of the argument you've left a 2-year-old with an 11-year-old. >> right. >> an 11-year-old to me, i think anyone out there is way too young. >> especially if you don't know the 11-year-old. there are some parents will say, you know, an 11-year-old who is mature and has done it before, well that might be okay in certain situations. but, if you don't know the 11-year-old and there's no adult supervising, that is a prescription for disaster, especially when a kid is so young. when they're 2 and younger, you really need a more mature personality to watch that child. >> in the defense the mother in that case the story right now she thought an adult was going to be present at the time. this was not the case. >> that's right. >> talk to parents now watching and fearing something like this would happen and go over tips. first is age, you say an age minimum should be met.
8:50 am
>> i would go with 14 years old and older and, of course, knowing that that 14-year-old has had some experience and seems mature and it's a job that they want to do. and, also, you need to really check around with other parents to hear what the reputation is for that child. so, just don't go only on age but i think that's a good barometer. >> and questions, there are a number of questions. you have to ask the what-if questions with a lot of kids. >> you do. you do. when you think about it, when you're hiring for a job, don't you ask specific questions about the person that you're hiring? well, it's no different when you are looking for somebody to watch your child. you want to ask them, how do they handle discipline, how would they handle it if your child is resisting going to bed? how would you handle it if the child is crying and you want to hear, you know, how strict are they, do they have good coping skills, are they somewhat flexible? >> also, references like anything else, whether a housekeeper, a nanny, no matter what, you have to check
8:51 am
references. >> right. you don't want to just say when you call them, hey, you did like this babysitter, you want to find out if the person was responsible, did the person show up on time, did the chin really like this babysitter and look forward to them coming? so, you really want to get a whole picture, a dlee dimensional picture who the babysitter is. >> one idea is a babysitter audition. what exactly is that? >> well, i guess that's how you see how the babysitter is around your child. hopefully when you are looking if a babysitter you have that time factor to maybe include them and observe them with your children. a lot, too, is a personality mix, do they work well in your home. >> the other thing is key, i know my folks did this when i was a kid, leave a phone list, have emergency numbers right. >> there well, yeah. exactly, you want to leave your number. maybe you want a neighbor who lives nearby, you want a physician and, also, worst-case scenario, the police and fire department so this person really has an idea that there is a backup if they are feeling stressed out >> no one knows a child better
8:52 am
than the parents of that child. >> right. >> if you've got a couple of things you know mary jane likes to cry or go to bed watching certain television shows. >> right, you are the expert on your child. if you know the child will try to get over at bedtime maybe you want to warn the babysitter so the babysitter is mentally prepared and doesn't feel off guard. >> yeah. but definitely you've got to watch out. >> you have to be very careful. and then, of course, there are organizations you can go to if you want to a place for look for somebody who is branded and checked out thoroughly. >> like carfax. thank you so much. >> thank you. >> good to talk with you this morning. >> we'll be right back. you are watching "the early show" on cbs. when i was seventeen, i was not good to my skin.
8:53 am
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they are cheering us because of the way we look right now but would they give us the same applause in 10, 20, 30 years. >> depends, how we end up looking then. >> we have a great segment coming up called age progression technology. we'll be able to see how you -- >> the future we will see. >> truly how we look in the next 10 years, 20 years and 30 years so this amazing technology and anybody at home can actually, see the right people -- >> sure, also on top of of that anyone at home we'll give advice how to blow the whole physically aging -- they like that. >> yes. >> -- slowing the aging process, some people are really interested in. >> sun damage around the eye, i think can already see. >> -- outside, on his rooftop every single day. >> the krou's feet. heck, i've got, what, almost 15 years on you.
8:57 am
>> almost. almost, chris. >> for some of of you, your local news is next for. the others, you get to stick around with us ,, good morning, it's saturday september 25th. i'm gigi barnett. here's what people are talking about. family and friends held a benefit concert for emily kerstetter last night. she is the howard county teen who is recovering from injuries suffering during a deadly bombing in uganda. the teenager was on a mission trip helping children in africa last july when she was injured in a bombing that killed nearly 100 people. she is still recovering. new charges this morning for the so called preppy burglar. he earned the name after being caught on video breaking into a howard county house wearing dress clothes and a tie. right after 30-year-old jeremy hall was released on bail for a howard county burglary he was arrested by montgomery county police for a second break in. he is out on bail.
8:58 am
it will be a car lovers paradise in baltimore city when viva italia is in back in baltimore. it features ferraris and other cars. it benefits the children's guild. it is free to the public. it kicks off tomorrow 10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. it's fall but still feels a lot like summer. today's exclusive first warning forecast: 86 degrees, warm and breezy, partly cloudy. and then tonight 57 degrees, partly cloudy as well. that is our report. i'm gigi barnett. thank you for joining us. have a ♪ i thought it was over here... ♪ [car horn honks] our outback always gets us there... ... sometimes it just takes us a little longer to get back.
8:59 am
9:00 am
under water. hundreds are forced to evacuate as widespread flooding leaves major parts of southern minnesota and western wisconsin submerged. the bad news, more rain may be on the way. connecticut home invasion. a courtroom stunned by testimony too awful to be believed. we're looking ahead as the prosecution gets ready to rest. did they prove their case? the hands of time. want to know what you'll look like in 10, 20, even 30 years and if you can change it? we'll teach you how to hold back the effects of aging. of all happening at the zoo and on the plaza, white tigers, red
9:01 am
foxes, kangaroos and giant toads, the animals are on the loose early this saturday, toads, the animals are on the loose early this saturday, september 25th, 2010. captioning funded by cbs good morning! lots of people out here on the plaza this morning. good morning and welcome to "the early show." i'm rebecca jarvis for erica hill. very warm morning. >> yes, the first official day of fall, 11:09 tuesday or wednesday, i can't remember which but feels like summer once again. >> our last little treat of the season. also, a lot of treats coming up for you on the program, brendan james is with us from his tv debut on "second cup cafe". >> itunes and he's with us.
9:02 am
>> and oprah with her blessing. and also what you can do to stop the signs of aging coming up ahead. >> we are not just yet. i've got to think this through. i'm kidding. to our news desk to get us caught up. >> you'll both be looking good good in 20, 30, years. >> thanks a lot an extra then dollars. >> now to the flooding in the midwest. heather, what's the latest? >> reporter: randall, while it started sprinkling a bit, this is nothing like we saw in the one-day period a couple days ago but we are seeing a lots of scenes like this gas station here where several feet of water covering lot of lands, dozens of homes are still evacuated, lots of roads are closed and last night we learned from the sheriff two smaller towns are a complete loss. the rain going on right now is expected to move out later this afternoon, a good thing for all these people that have to clean up. but we are keeping a closer eye on the areas closer to
9:03 am
minneapolis and st. paul because those are expected to flood early next week. randal randall? >> thank you. police and fbi looking for three men who robbed a bank in a miami suburb without setting foot in the bank. the thieves vapd what they said was a bomb to a teller friday and took his father hostage. they sent the teller to the bank to grab as much money as he could then fled. the "miami herald" reports they got about $100,000 and the supposed bomb was a fake. in georgia, the accusations against bishop eddie long just keep getting worse. four men now say they had sexual relations with long, who is an outspoken opponent of gay marriage. the embattled pastor is expected to speak about the case tomorrow from the pulpit. finally the coach usually gives the traditional pep talk before a football game but friday, a texas high school football team got a surprise that gave them plenty of pep. cbs news correspondent don
9:04 am
teague has the story. >> reporter: a friday afternoon pep rally at salina high school in texas. they've done this hundreds of times over the decades, cheering on the football team before each big game. but yesterday's pep rally featured more than just cheerleaders and dancers. it came with a surprise pep talk by a country music superstar. for those of you who don't recognize the guy in the hat, maybe this will help. kenny chesnee has sold over 25 million albums and routinely spills sports arenas. his latest album hitting stores next week features a song called "the boys of fall" a tribute to high school football. ♪ the boys of fall >> the music video and hour-long documentary airing on espn include players and coaches from salina. so, chesney, who also played football in high school popped in to say thanks and tell the
9:05 am
kids what they're doing matters. >> you don't have to be a coach. you don't have to be a player. you just have to be -- have this game in your life. >> reporter: there are, of course, more important things in this world than high school football, but on a fall friday in celina, texas, it sure doesn't seem that way. just ask the players. >> this town feeds off of it. >> reporter: or their coach. >> there's an excitement in this town that wouldn't be here except for high school football. >> reporter: as for last night's game, celina won. but, after a surprise visit by kenny chesnee, they already felt like winners. don teague, cbs news, celina, texas. >> five minutes after the hour. time for another check of the weather with lonnie. >> randall, good morning to you and everybody. ahh, i've got to tell you no prettier pigtails than what i've got there, the buddy walkers in new york. we'll talk more about that but first, the weather picture, the hot and cold. the hottest spot, tucson,
9:06 am
arizona, 104, the coldest, ely, minnesota, 27 degrees at one point today. the best weather anywhere, portland, oregon look at that nice clear sky for the pacific northwest. in terms of temperatures, cannot beat it. seattle 73, 61 around san francisco, portland in the upper 70s, if not 80s. a beautiful looking day again like i said for the pacific northwest. that's a quick look at the national ,, >> we have some discussion for you right now, earlier this year snow boder kevin pearce was training for the winter olympics, that's how ge was when an accident left him with a
9:07 am
brain injury. thanks to the love and support of his family especially his big brother david, right here, he's back after a four-months recovery and the two team up as ambassador for the national down syndrome society. david, what a pleasure to have you with us. kev, a pleasure. quickly tell me about the injury itself. when did it happen and what happened? >> it happened on new year's. i was out in park city, just training and i was -- >> a half-pipe. >> yeah, in a big half-pipe and trying a double cork, two flips and 1080, didn't land right, caught my edge and hit my head but luckily had a helmet on and saved my life. >> luckily, that's right but luckily had your brother david, you and i are pals, man. how instrumental in your recovery. >> incredible to have dave with me. i got to see him on skooype bute told me how important it is to be patient and such a slow process. dave's really been there to show me to take it slow.
9:08 am
>> a good egg. is he a good little brother? >> yeah, you betcha. >> the 16th annual new york city buddy walk today in central park. if you cannot be there, there are 275 other walks across america every single year. you can check it out on for when and when. the pierce brothers, love you guys, thank you very much for being here. rebecca, inside to you. >> thank you, lonnie. another horrific week of testimony in the connecticut home invasion that led to three vicious murders and devastated an entire family. prosecutors are seeking the death penalty and expected to wrap up testimony against one of the alleged killers, steven hayes, next week. joining me to discuss the trial so far is sunny hostin, legal contributor for cnn's in session" good morning. >> good morning. >> thanks so much for being with us. this trial has been so troubling for so many people to watch. you say friday was a pivotal moment. >> it really walls. i'll say i think this case has really resonated with all of
9:09 am
america because of the sanctity of one's home. sitting in this trial i thought it can't get worse because the petit and hawke families have been there every single day. friday we heard evidence from a fire investigators, usually pretty easy to listen to, they recall just talk about fire and acceleration of fire and that sort of thing. well, what we learned for the first time friday, an accelerant was poured not only around the beds of these two young girls but, also on top of them. they were doused with gasoline. and i think it was pivotal in the sense this is a death penalty case and have to prove this crime was atrocious and cruel. what more cruelty can you have than to actually set someone on fire? and so i think that it was really pivotal and i think what was really commendable is that the petit family, throughout this, have been so strong, so graceful, so dignified and they were in the courtroom when this testimony was being presented to the jury.
9:10 am
and i heard from the press corps audible gasping from seasoned reporters. you can only imagine what the family went through. >> it is horrendous. when you think about what is left in the prosecution's case, the trial wraps up tuesday. >> right. >> you say they have to tell people just how awful this was in order to get the death penalty. what more do they need to say? >> well, if have to tell you, i haven't seen a case this overwhelming, in terms of evidence. so tuesday will be a short day for the prosecution. they have one more witness, we're told. the defense has planned to put on a case and i think that is really fascinating, because everyone is trying to figure out what defense can you possibly have -- >> they've admitted to some of this. >> they've admitted to most of it. i think the defense case is going to be about this defendant and how he's a bad guy but not as bad as his co-defendant, yet to be tried. and then this will go to the jury and i think most of the evidence will come in, if he is
9:11 am
convicted -- and i have to say, i never want too say a slam-dun for the prosecution -- but i think it is in this case but will go to the penalty phase. when it goes to the penalty phase, that's when we'll hear this atrocious and cruel evidence that has to come in because that is what the government has to prove to get the death penalty. >> ultimately in the penalty phase, what is the likelihood in a minute about how they're going to get that death penalty. >> i have to tell you, after listening to the evidence come in, i think that we will hear more evidence like that and i do believe that he will likely be given the death penalty. >> thank you for being with us this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> chris, over to you. thank you. up next amazing new technology shows what years and stress will do to your face and we're going to tell you how to stop it. you're watching "the early show" here on cbs. [ male announcer ] let's throw down some style.
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we have been waiting for this segment about, what, a year now. >>? >> at least. >> ever wonder what you'll look like in 10, 20, 30 years? age progression software can project your future face, wrinkles and all. >> do we want to see it? images that can help slow the aging process and take years off your appearance. we decided to undergo it. >> good to have you with us. i can't imagine it will be fun but what the heck we'll give it a shot. >> thank you, guys. >> first, talk about major factors into what ages the face. i know sun. >> sun damage injure exposure to cigarette smoke and your parents -- >> i have to say you have beautiful skin. >> thank you. >> -- sun exposure and smoking
9:16 am
you have to have of to look for. >> you lucky if you come from the downey family. >> let's take a look first at the jarvis genes. that is a picture of me now. let's show what i'm going to look like in ten years. >> not bad. >> i don't see that big of a difference, to be honest. >> you're getting gray. >> 20 years and 30 years. so, basically. basically, i got a little grayer, which probably won't happen, let's be honest. but there were some issues. you can see a little around my face. and where do you see the most advanced signs of aging? >> the bottom line, you will probably age a bit because you have an expressive, happy face but well but with the labial folds here, the smile lines and probably the eyes and your skin texture. you have to exercise, not smoke and, not tan, the most important
9:17 am
things. >> products you say will help. >> exactly. >> the morning cream, night cream and mask with gylcolicasid. >> the night cream should have a retinol because that builds collagen and the mask will keep your tone and texture appropriate and fine. >> one last question on me then gel to wraggs. >> no, no rush. >> are these going to be the same products regardless of my age or do you need to switch things over. >> you may need as you get older use heavier products because you'll get dryer. that's a great question. >> that was me when i woke up this morning before i showered. let's go ten years, ten more years. no, let's go 20 years. okay. >> some gray. >> look at that. pretty distinguished. let's hope i'm able to retain has hair no. one else in my family has been able to do it. that's 30 years. with me, what do you say,
9:18 am
obviously smile lines, i love to smile. >> you are also expressive but i think you will age well, exercising, not smoking or tanning but more with that you'll get lines in between here, between your brows and lose fat from your temples from all the exercise. >> you say i have fat temples? >> they are cute. >> how dare you come on this program, i'm kidding. >> and your cheeks might deflate a little. >> -- the cheeks. >> but they might deflate and the youthful cheeks, you know, rounder cheeks make you look more youthful. >> basic for all guys out there? >> a lot of men age the same way wlt templing thinning and cheeks deflating, a lot age the same way. >> i looked a little john forsythe in that picture, didn't i. >> for you an spf 30, good anti-aging night cream and eye crime. >> yis wragge, you need eye
9:19 am
cream. wonderful, not half as bad as i thought it would be. for sure we'll shed a few tears? >> no. no. no. >> after the broadcast. >> thanks so much. >> thank you. >> next up a hot new singer brendan james makes his national television debut right here. this is "the early show" on cbs. hey what's going on? doing the shipping. man, it would be a lot easier if we didn't have to weigh 'em all. if those boxes are under 70 lbs. you don't have to weigh 'em. with these priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service, if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. no weigh? nope. no way. yeah. no weigh? sure. no way! uh-uh. no way. yes way, no weigh. priority mail flat rate box shipping starts at $4.95, only from the postal service. a simpler way to ship.
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9:22 am
calling him the voice that can change the world, brendan james his latest cd landed number one on the itune singer/songwriter chart. >> proud to announce the new hampshire native making his national debut right here in our "second cup cafe." >> here is brendan james with
9:23 am
"the fall." ♪ -- in slow motion, sun is coming up ♪ ♪ i'm sitting in the next room, staring in my car ♪ ♪ we are driving down the shoreline ♪ ♪ this car is cut in two ♪ i'm quiet ♪ when the stars go blue ♪ and pulling up to jfk ♪ there really isn't much to say ♪
9:24 am
♪ don't tell me you're write me, don't tell me you'll call, just tell me you'll see me in the fall ♪ ♪ and don't give me a time ♪ you know you'll never keep ♪ and i'll see you in the park ♪ ♪ now i'm back at our apartment ♪ ♪ and nothing feels the same ♪ her coat is gone, her toothbrush is missing, all start to fade ♪ ♪ and september feels so far away ♪ ♪ don't tell me you'll write me, don't tell me you'll call ♪
9:25 am
♪ just tell me you'll see me in the fall ♪ ♪ and don't give me a promise ♪ you know you'll never keep ♪ ♪ and i'll see you in the fall ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ they will bring you back to me ♪ ♪ darling, that's all we have ♪ don't write, don't call ♪ i'll see you in the fall ♪ don't write, don't call ♪ i'll see you in the fall ♪ don't write, don't call ♪ i'll see you in the fall ♪ don't write, don't call
9:26 am
>> brandan james. >> all right. >> thank you so much. for being with us today. it's so great to have you here. >> my pleasure. >> how are you? nice job, well done, well done. >> thank you very much. >> it must just feel amazing to have your album debut number one on itunes. oprah magazine says you sound like david gray. how does that feel. >> awesome. awesome. >> in a world. >> yeah i've been working hard and came up in new york city. it feels really good to finally have this album get some attention. so, i love it. >> but, it it's not the first time on a big stage. your music "private practice" "bones" movie trailers has to be a nice pat on the back, as well. >> the tv shows and movies help a lot, kind of the new radio. >> you are from new hampshire, you like animals. i went to the school at the university of new hampshire. >> did you? unh. >> we'll hear more from brendan in his encore performance but we've got tigers, we've got
9:27 am
foxes and ron miguel from miami here with us. stay with us. for some of you your local,,,,,,
9:28 am
9:29 am
9:30 am
welcome back. >> welcome back to "the early show." hi, everybody. i'm chris wragge. we have the band and cowbells a the little out of here you can imagine. >> don't necessarily speak english but play great music. >> they do. >> if you are wondering where the wild things are they are on the big show. ron miguel from the miami metro zoo is here with tigers, foxes and kangaroos, oh my. >> and our chef on a shoe string, mark murphy will prepare
9:31 am
you a meal. you voted for this last week. which will it be? >> we'll have the answer. you'll have to wait to find out. meantime, mark has brought along a gift basket with favorite ingredients so you, too, can cook like a chef. >> follow me. follow me. there you go. who's going to get that gift basket? guess what, you know what it is time for? >> what. >> all the drama, we'll play the new game sweeping the entire country. 15 seconds of fame. >> it really is sweeping the nation. >> and he -- he or she, all they've got to answer a simple "early show" trivia question in 15 seconds or less, they get to take home that basket of goodies. let's see who is ready for their close-up and 15 seconds of feign. >> mary, from indiana. good morning. >> good morning. >> looks like you are ready to play. >> yes, i am. >> all right. let me ask you a question, about the man standing right next to me, chris wragge, what is chris
9:32 am
wragge's favorite new york sports team? somebody knows but he can't say it. >> 15 seconds. >> you've got 15 seconds. >> anybody have a suggestion. >> at what point can i give a hint. >> the giants. >> oh, my goodness. you have won -- first of all, did i get the wrong one? >> no, mary, you got the right one. >> if you can answer his favorite player on the team, we'll give you the basket. >> extra-credit points. >> ely manning? >> you got that right. >> mary, thank you so much for playing and, of course, this is yours, your gift basket. chris will carry -- >> how are you with handling heavy items? it is very heavy, very, very heavy. got it? >> i think so. >> be good. enjoy, plenty of beer. >> don't enjoy it all at once.
9:33 am
>> all right, lonnie. >> how could she miss it with the way you parade around in the new york giants underroos. chris talked about the german band, they are from outside berlin. take it away, gang. i'll talk a little weather because, hey, we've got great weather and not so great weather. here's what i've got for you, light rain for the midwest but any rain is not appreciated today but it's not going to be like the deluge yesterday but still flooding conditions exist. it is warm and dry out west. this is what i'm talking about. seattle, salem, boise, san francisco, lots of sunshine. low humidity. that situation holds through through the weekend. that's a quick look at a little portion of the country. all right. here's a closer look at the weather for your weekend.
9:34 am
all right, everybody, time for the highlight of my week my shout out a big holla, to everybody headed to the annual state fair of virginia. it's been a virginia tradition since 1854, the first year chris wragge went. all sorts of family fun, animals, rides, music, swing dancing, festival food and arts and crafts. thanks to everyone for watching "the early show" on saturday on cbs 6 in richmond. that will do it for weather. chris, over to you. >> all right, lon, thanks so much. we can't hear a darn thing out here with all the music playing. when we come back, ron miguel is here. born to be wild from a white tiger to kangaroo, he's got it all from the miami zoo, we've got it all. you're watching "the early show" on cbs. i'm being charged
9:35 am
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new wisk, with our breakthrough stain spectrum technology targets all the major stain groups like proteins, carbohydrates and oils. its enzymes and cleaning agents tackle a full range of stains. you'll never look at stains the same way again. for a more powerful clean, try new wisk. fight stains with science. guess what, this morning we are taking a walk on the wild side with chau tick creatures from all over the world. our good friend ron miguel from sio zoo miami. >> this is a cool animal from asia and lives in trees. the only carnivore other than a
9:38 am
kinkadoo with a tail. they are nocturnal called bear cats because they have a face like a cat but body like a bear and really cool. if you smell them -- they smell like popcorn. >> what in the world, why would i want to do that? >> they smell like popcorn which is fantastic. that's how they mark their territory, they make all these neat clucking sounds, like -- >> any kids want popcorn? >> no, no. a really fanatic animal. the females are the dominant sex, 20% larger than males. >> just like human also. not the larger part but dominant part i was thinking about. >> we'll take him off and bring in another great animal. >> how much are you feeding him. >> bananas and marshmallows? >> who do we have next. is this beautiful or what? wow. a white tiger. >> but a different white tiger, it has a bobbed tail.
9:39 am
>> yeah. >> let me tell you what happens, frequently with cats, the mother cleaning the baby and chewing the umbilical cord. >> they make fun of me not being proactive. >> i'm proud you made big leaps and bounds. >> the mother chewed off his tail by accident. white tales is a genetic mutation. >> about to break my wrist, look at the claw. >> they get to be the largest in the world. some get to be over 600 pounds one of the most endangered cats probably less than 600 left in the world, a real tragedy. solitary animal. >> beautiful. >> found throughout asia not africa like a lot of people think but fantastic. white tigers about two or three hundred left in the world but all in captivity. >> they are adorable. >> they are now but trust me -- >> bye, buddy. wow! isn't that great? nice tiger. >> this is the challenge, yeah? this is going to be the challenge here. >> look at, this huh. >> a giraffe.
9:40 am
>> here we go. >> that kid's a jury raf. this is a kangaroo, a red kangaroo. my man is helping me out. warm bottle. here we go. >> get control of your animals. >> the kangaroo, this is a neat animal, you know why? first it is a marsupial, pouched animal about 40 different kinds. >> there you go. there you go. >> there you go. >> and she loves being on television, too. >> let me tell you about kangaroos, they can jump ten feet high, 30 feet long. they have -- the female gets pregnant and you know what she's able to do? she's able to stop the pregnancy like a drought, there's no food, she stops the pregnancy and the baby stops developing. >> why don't you put the kangaroo back in the cage? i think we would feel better. >> when there is food she's able to start the pregnancy again. >> fantastic. we have about 30 seconds left, ron. is this guy nuts, huh? i mean, is he crazy? he's crazy. what have you got now.
9:41 am
>> a red fox, look at this beautiful animal dinchts you say redd foxx? ♪ ♪ >> found in north america, asia, even in central park, believe it or not. the fox is called the sly fox, because they are very intelligent. you know what a female fox is called. >> what. >> you've probably been with a few of these. >> vixen. >> that's a female. >> on that note, sending you back to miami. >> you're killing me. >> nice shot. looks dangerous great stuff. really good to see you. rebecca, over to you in the kitchen. >> thank you. that kangaroo will be loose on the plaza. coming up our "chef on a shoestring" will be in the driver's seat, mar murphy is preparing a meal you voted for, coming up next on "the early show" on cbs. ♪ get up, get moving. subway has breakfast. and it's a slam dunk.
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9:45 am
murphy xwraeembraced when he cot afford to become a professional racing driver. using a budget of just $40, welcome, chef. >> thanks for having me here. >> what's on the menu. >> chicken kabob. we have peppers, mushrooms on that. doing a classic tomato soup started here and also the finished product and we're garnishing it with something different making a grilled cheese and making grilled cheese crew tons. >> for dessert? >> s'mores. the one thing, you don't actually have a campfire. we make them at our restaurant in the village and wrap them in tin foil and bake them in an oven 400 degrees five minutes, take them out and they are
9:46 am
wonderful. >> i can't wait to try that. first the soup portion of the meal, you can already smell all the vegetable flavors coming out. what are you doing here and what did you put? >> i started with olive oil, garlic, onion, carrots, celery and tomato and add a bit of potato which helps thicken it. you will have to reduce it too much. >> do you need to cut them before you put them this there. >> absolutely. you want to clarify the onions, cook these vegetables with salt and pepper, obviously to bring out flavors and bring the flavors out first before you add the water or your stock, however you will make it. >> how long are we doing this for? >> you know, this you will sweat your vegetables, cook them and add your water. until everything is tender, the poi tea toes cooked through basically a potato takes about 15 or 20 minutes, depends how you cut them, you can cut them smaller and can use and immersion blender and fantastic tool, you take it. >> even when it is hot you can put it in? >> you can and buzz it up like
9:47 am
this. at this point you can add your cream or half-and-half which we have here and can pour it in there. you can do two things. a soup, if you want to actually -- use the immersion blender and buzz it up all the way and make it thin or you can also strain it, if you want to make it thinner or depends on the consistency you want. >> sure. >> we didn't actually strain ours but cooked it like this. >> then do you put it on the -- back on the stovetop a while or is it ready to go. >> it is ready to go, you can re-heat it or use it again. you can make it the day before, if you want. >> okay. then you have. >> and the grilled cheese sandwich you are making you cut up to bite-size pieces like this for garnish. >> we have one here and it's really, really simple. >> i hit want to try. >> you could actually make this a little ahead of time, too. and pop them in the oven and warm them up before you put them in the soup. obviously you don't want to put a room temperature crouton in
9:48 am
but very, very simple. >> talk about the kabobs. >> one of the most important things i find about doing them one i love to use the chicken thighs. >> i think they have more flavor. they are a bit more -- they don't dry out as much. >> and less expensive. >> very good for being on a shoestring. >> we can meet our goal. >> exactly. >> what are you putting with it. >> olive oil, a bit of black pepper, roasted garlic we cook in the oven a while. we use this a lot in our restaurant in landmark we go through a lot of roasted garlic. i don't use a lot raw because it sort of stays with you. >> yeah, sure. >> we roast it in the sense we call it cofine, cook it very slowly in olive oil. we don't want to burn it. >> sure. how long do you want to marinate it before you actually put it on the grill? >> probably about an hour. you want the flavors to seep in there and get the -- pick up the -- sorry, we didn't mention we also put rosemary in there.
9:49 am
>> also, the onions and peppers you have here going with it do you marinate it together or keep them out of the marinade? >> i keep them out, you really don't have to do that. we have the chicken marinaded earlier. >> ultimately will skewer that. >> we have some skewers here. a couple different things you can do. you could use a rosemary stick and skewer that on there. >> i like the sound of that. >> the other thing you can do with a skewer. if you will cook something that takes longer on outdoor grill you may want to soak them in water because they get a little bit, you know, they get moist and don't start burning. >> lastly, the s 'mores i want to make sure we get to. >> absolutely. >> those are my favorite. >> you put them altogether, wrap them in tinfoil and put them in the oven? >> very simple. let me make a little room. very simple, we're going, to sorry, take some tin foil, cut a square of it. >> lonnie, get in here. >> where are you guys? how are you doing. nice to see you again. >> all of these in the oven
9:50 am
together. >> absolutely. you just put -- wrap it up like this. >> and put them in the oven. >> my suggestion, look at this, sticking everywhere. my suggestion you put them like in the oven so they don't burn. we have warmer ones right here. hold on. >> i want to see, mark, as you are doing that how you stacked up against the other chefs. you had a budget of $40. see how we did versus the other chefs who had $40. $37.11. >> uh-oh. >> that's a pretty low amount. look at those. number 2. nice work. did you think this would be a day like this for you? >> i'm very, very happy. >> we are, too. >> incredible. >> of course, chris, this coming week we've got new things for folks to vote on about what they want to see and next "chef on a shoestring," all right? you want fricasse, text -- or seared tuna
9:51 am
and pork tenderloin 0-3. >> the early favorite is seared ton na, from what i'm hearing. >> 40 bucks or less. >> you won't get much. >> mark murphy thanks for being here. you can finds the recipe on our website. thanks so much. >> thank you. >> we'll be right back with a performance from brandan james. this is "the early show" on cbs. wñññttti÷c here's a myth... nothing bad will ever happen. the truth, sooner or later, a little mayhem hits us all. today, there will be 15,920 accidents. and that's just cars. if you've got cut-rate insurance, that probably doesn't make you feel too good. but this will: allstate can give you a low price without cutting coverage.
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it's not just a card. it's your canvas. create yours at welcome back. before we say good-bye a reminder monday the hottest toys for the upcoming holiday season. get them before -- we talking about the holidays already? >> ooh. >> they come up fast. they sneak up on you. early next saturday early coffee with film director and writer who wrote the new movie --
9:55 am
>> we know lonnie's story. >> randall thanks for coming with us. >> lonnie, great to see you. >> have a great weekend. >> while you all have hug one another. an encore performance from brandan james called "the lucky ones". >> have a great weekend. ♪ on the edge of a moment in the land that we love, in a time ♪ ♪ like all us before us, we start out alone, raised from our school yard into the unknown ♪ ♪ city life ♪ as far as the eye can see ♪ you and i, we will live differently ♪ ♪ with our hearts in our hands,
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